Stories from the church

Majbrit Guldager

I came to Odense Baptist Church during Christmas. A neighbor had invited me to the café's Christmas lunch. Actually, I was very close to saying "no thanks" to the invitation, because I actually didn't have any energy for it. I was somewhere in my life where one thing after another just fell down over my head. I was burned out, deeply unhappy and tired. I simply had no more strength left in me. Today I thank my God that I went. When I came home, I had a nice feeling of peace and quiet in me. A feeling I hadn't felt the last 10 years.


I returned to the church in January and started at the Church's Alpha Course. Here I learned to know Jesus, and I heard a Bible verse: "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest". All that I had carried by myself, I now put into God's hands and later I was also baptized.


I just have it so great today. All of this I had not been able to get through myself. I have a great and lovely family in the congregation. I have received so many lovely prayers and support from here. There is always someone who is ready for talking. Here is so much unity and warmth, and someone to share life with. You are never lonely or alone here.