SALT & LIGHT is our international group for young people aged from approx. 18-29. We meet together and discuss different topics in English and go through Bible studies that relate to daily life as a young Christian. We also spend time in praise, prayer, and having fun together. We often organize events outside of our weekly meetup, such as, attending conferences, evangelism, missions, playing sports/games, eating, and doing many other things together. Salt creates thirst and it conserves and preserves. Light is what Christians are called to be for the world. At SALT & LIGHT we want to cultivate the same: young people thirsting after Jesus and His word and from that strong relationship with Him, being able to lead others to have the same. We welcome you to join us every Wednesday from 19.30-21.30 all the way upstairs in the church. Christian or not, we’d love to have you!

Communication about upcoming meetings and other events takes place on our Facebook page.


If you have questions or are just interested in hearing more about the youth group, please feel free to contact our responsible leader.

Victor Lindqvist

Victor Lindqvist
Youth worker
+45 29 13 12 85