The direction of our church

Our current vision for Odense Baptist Church is to lead to, to live with and to be led by Jesus. On this page you can read more about what this vision means for us and how we deliberately will strive and work to fulfill it.



We are a church that:

Lead to Jesus

want to live out the Great Commission


have the baptism based on belief as a characteristic


Live with Jesus

build on the belief in the resurrected Jesus as the Savior of the world


have the scripture (the Bible) as a foundation


strive for balance between spirituality, the scripture (the Bible) and tolerance


Be led by Jesus 

equip for service


We wish to:

Lead to Jesus

be more known in the city


bring the love of God to people


see people be transformed by the love of God


Live with Jesus

strengthen the loving community in the church - God's family where we are


make room for everyone who wants to be part of the community


have our relationship to God as the core of our lives


Build up the individual in belief in Christ


keep the youth and children of the congregation in the community


offer relevant teaching


Be led by Jesus 

encourage the individual to find his/her place in the service to Christ


make room for the spiritual gifts


continue to develop songs and music (worship)


To fulfill the vision, we will work to:

Lead to Jesus

preach the gospel in a timely, relevant, and authentic way


have all the branches of the church proclaim the gospel through words and actions


reach out to people in the city, with special focus on socially disadvantaged, elderly, refugees and excluded people


have a relevant website


have evangelizing events (Alpha, annual summer party, café concerts etc.)


Live with Jesus

encourage participation in communities with close relationships (community groups, working communities, etc.)


have good communication between the individual branches


strengthen the teaching and to set up a teaching committee


Be led by Jesus 

equip for leadership - discipleship, mentoring, education


increase the wealth of resources in the congregation - practical as well as economic resources


encourage people to use their abilities and spiritual gifts