For all generations

Every Sunday at 10.30 there is service. As many English speakers are coming, the services are translated to English. We emphasize making the services alive and relevant, among other things by choosing themes that are pertinent. The music and songs alternate between hymns with organ accompaniment and modern worship
After the services, there is free coffee in the church's cafe. Here there is plenty of opportunity to have a good conversation. Once a month, we have lunch together after the service. There are also services in Vietnamese at 10.30.

You are very much welcome!

There is room for everyone in our church - that includes you. The Sunday service is usually the place where new people come to church, and we put great importance in warmly welcoming new ones. So if you come for the first time, we strongly encourage you to come down to the café after the service. There are certainly some people who would like to greet you and get a good chat with you.