The place where baptists gather

The Summercamp is a week full of teaching, activities and socializing for everyone from the Baptist Church and the Mission Union in Denmark. The Summercamp is always a fantastic week, where you can be filled up again by God, get the community strengthened in your own church and not least find new friends. Above you can see a video of last year's camp.

Summercamp '19

This year's camp will be held at the Lindenborg Boardingschool near Roskilde in week 30 (July 21 - 27). This year, a new concept has been created where all the previous tracks have been replaced with a whole new line, where there is also an extra track. There will definitely be something for people of all ages on the camp. If you are not yet registered, you should get it done right away!


Read much more on the website of the camp.