Baby blessing

All newborn babies can be blessed

Jesus loved the little children. When some mothers came to him with their infants, he embraced them and blessed them. Likewise, we want the children born in our congregation to be blessed by God. Blessing of children takes place as part of a Sunday service where we pray for God's blessing on the newborn. At the baby blessing, we thank God for the newborn, we pray for the parents to educate the child, and for the congregation, where the child grows up, that it will surround it with love. The priest puts his hand on the child and asks God to protect it and bless it. The parents are encouraged to bring their children to the services and also speak naturally about the belief in God at home. All parents get a children's Bible so that the child can hear many of the well-known stories from the Bible at an early age.

Baby blessing - Henrik Søndergaard - 12/09/2021


Baby blessing is arranged with the priest of the church, and together you find a date for the baby blessing.

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